Growing & Packing

Harvesting spinach.

Our Operations

Field Fresh Farms produces the finest quality products in the northern and desert growing regions of California—both conventionally and organically.

As a vertically-integrated grower, processor, packer, and shipper, we streamline the path our product takes from farm to table. Our fields are located within minutes of our processing facilities, meaning produce harvested overnight is processed promptly and shipped the same day so distributors and their customers get product at the peak of freshness. With our start-to-finish operations control, we’re able to provide year-round availability for our customers.

We take advantage of the most advanced technology for processing our harvests, such as optical sorters to help remove foreign materials and a vacuum cooling system to remove excess surface moisture, extending shelf life and ensuring only the best product makes it to market. By integrating decades of experience and the latest industry innovations, we’re able to provide top quality produce at competitive prices.


As growers of fresh produce, Field Fresh Farms makes it a top priority to be attentive stewards of the land and the environment. It’s our mission not only because it’s good for business, but also because it’s good for the environment, our customers, and the communities where we operate. We use responsible farming methods on all the acreage we manage, making earth-wise decisions in how we irrigate, fertilize, and eliminate pests.

While we follow state-of-the-art practices today, the agriculture industry is always evolving, and we’re committed to continually evaluating and updating our processes along with it. Some of our key certifications include:

  • ASCO Certified Organic
  • World Quality Service (GAP)

We’re grateful for the opportunity to grow the freshest, most flavorful produce you’ll find anywhere, and we do our best to repay the gifts we get from the land by taking good care of it.

Certified seal for AZ LGMA.Green and brown logo for USDA Organic certificationCertified seal for CDFA.