Our Story

Since 1953, our family has farmed on the rich soil and fertile land of California’s Central Coast. Four generations of Doblers have led company growth and development over several decades, producing and delivering the highest-quality, freshest vegetables to our foodservice and retail customers across North America.

Beginning with cabbage (with a local moniker of “Cabbage Kings of the West”) followed by an expansion into other fresh crops of sweet bell peppers, head lettuce and strawberries, we have continuously adapted to evolving consumer tastes and customer needs throughout the years. Today, Field Fresh Farms offers an array of conventional and organic leafy greens, including arugula, romaine hearts, spinach, Asian greens, and more.

Over the years, our family has developed a longstanding reputation of hard work, determination, and a commitment to delivering sustainably-grown, superior-quality fresh produce. Today, Field Fresh Farms is a vertically-integrated grower and shipper owned and operated by the Dobler family and supported by a team of dedicated employees.

Our fields in California’s Central Coast are located within minutes of our packing facilities, which provides the benefit of harvesting, packing and shipping our products at the peak of freshness, and delivering them to our customers year-round. We combine decades of experience with industry innovation to supply exceptional produce and excellent customer service to our retail and foodservice customers.

At Field Fresh Farms, our top priority is to use sustainable practices in growing, processing, packing and shipping to offer the freshest produce year-round—and our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at the soil. We make a conscious effort to support our local community through product donations and financial support to food banks, youth organizations and other outreach programs to give back to the community in which our family has grown for four generations.


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